There may be no better place to tour the countryside than cycling in Healdsburg. As you ride through the area, you become instantly enamored by gorgeous natural sights, the famous weather, and the overall life-affirming attitude of the cyclists who pass in the other direction.

We at Wine Country Life Vacation Homes cover one of the best things to do in Healdsburg- cycling- and what to expect from the most rewarding routes in the area.

An image of plants planted in farms at Dry Creek Road

Dry Creek and Alexander Valley

When you look at all the substantial cycling routes in and around Healdsburg, it becomes clear that the Dry Creek run is the most universal. It covers all the major parts of a great route, beautiful views, off-the-beaten-path,  a quaint ride alongside Healdsburg’s downtown, accessible terrain, and more.

The route begins right at Healdsburg City Hall. You can park a few blocks from the building for extra convenience, as parking at city hall is tricky.

The route continues along Westwood, with two different routes disconnecting through some local vineyards and back about three miles. You can take these extra legs if you like, but Westside is a largely flat and sensational ride on its own.

After you clear Westside, you get into the thick of the route. This is West Dry Creek Road, one of the most famous routes in the entire state. This is not just a general claim. The route sees marathons, special events, and more every year.

The route runs for about nine miles. If you cross the entire thing, you will be fortunate enough to see rolling hillsides, fir and oak forests, densely-layered vineyards and, of course, many other enthusiastic cyclists who are more than happy to share the road. Always practice safe riding by staying single-file.

The route eventually runs into the town of Geyersville. This sleepy wine village is a wonderful place to close out your journey if you so choose, but you can continue further to the densest and most pitched leg of the ride outside the residential community of Chiquita.

An image of geysers road bridge

The Geysers

We love the Geysers. It is only recommended to experienced cyclists as the majority of the route is very isolated and dome intense dips and steep wooded areas can keep even an experienced a cyclist gripping their bars a little tighter than usual.

The core of the route is the Geysers, a steep and challenging mountainside pathway. It is divided into three main sections, defined by some unique characteristics. The first carries you along the Big Sulphur Creek canyon, with sporadic steep drops and some tight navigation. There’s a dizzying drop along many portions of this 8.5 mile trail leg.

The second portion consists of a smoother and shaded area. Steam rises up from the nearby brooks. Combined with the thick shading for the majority of this 4.5 mile leg, you should expect a very ethereal atmosphere.

The final leg is a staggering run over 750’ in just 1.5 miles. It’s a relentless push to the top, leaving even experienced cyclists substantially winded.

We must express that this route is for experienced cyclists only. But it will be one of the most rewarding and memorable romps you can take.

Wild Apricot offers a comprehensive instructional turn-by-turn guide along the entire route, along with safety advice and precautions. Finally, it is possible to get a bike delivered right to your Healdsburg vacation rental. Speak with a local provider for details, advice, and more.

Cycling is one of the best ways to truly see the expansive magic of northern California and its many vineyards. But it’s not all. You can get to the thick of it with a visit to Safari West or you can get high in the air by way of a hot air balloon.

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