Anyone who has any appreciation of olive oil is in a special club. They understand its powerful usages, its distinct health benefits, and its subtle tones when added to any number of dishes.

If you adore olive oil in any way, including its history, its surprising health effects, and how it sizzles on a pan, you are in the right place.

Few things to do in Healdsburg are as fitting as an olive oil tour. We cover the top three best places to visit in Healdsburg to see and experience the enthralling draw of olive oil.

An inside image of Figone's Olive Oil Co

Figone Olive Oil Co.

Figone’s history is embedded and indebted to the hills of Healdsburg. This artisan-focused olive oil company began a century ago when the current owner’s great grandfather dropped a small sapling in an open field and began the journey towards the finest olive oils in Northern California.

Resting in the state’s “Square,” Figone specializes in premium-quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar. The family offers tours and tastings every day.

You can get a taste of the magic of the region’s most sensational olive oils with a range of at least ten selections with each visit. A dedicated staff person is available to answer questions. You can also receive fascinating tidbits about California’s history in olive oils, the bottling and production process, and aging.

There are different tour types, like the Tuscan (which takes you to the olive oil mill) and the Mission (which focuses on Figone’s history and includes a private tasting).

Olive oil tours in Healdsburg with Figone range from $10 to $60 per person and last about 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Party sizes over six can call ahead for special set-up and a confirmed tour time, as there may be a short wait for walk-ins.

The team is still growing and evolving. The small family operation has recently developed some absolutely lovely bath and body products named “Three Sisters Grove.”

An image of Olio Nuovo bottle

The Olive Press

The Olive Press will always be the forbearer of olive oil in Healdsburg. This was the very first olive mill in the region, and that legacy still stays with the team. They are currently the most highly awarded olive oil producer in the nation.

They touch on all aspects of olive oil production. Spanning the harvest, the milling, the racking, the storing and all the way into community education, The Olive Press delivers the full gamut.

The community is important for the team. The Olive Press supplies local restaurants with the end results and continues to educate visiting tour groups about the meticulous steps of olive oil care and supply.

You can order a range of products online, including dipping oils, infused oils, co-milled oils, gift boxes, herbs and spices, and more. You can even return back to one of the Healdsburg vacation homes with a full gift bag of olive-related treats.

An image of McEvoy Ranch organic oil

McEvoy Ranch

The McEvoy Ranch has many of the same offerings as its neighbors, but there is one distinct change that makes the ranch incredibly special.

The team has developed certified organic extra virgin olive oils, wines, and foods. This alteration places them at the forefront of a powerful movement towards organic harvesting and farm care.

McEvoy Ranch is also incredibly varied in their product offerings, featuring natural beauty products, wine, bruschettas, jams, and, of course, a variety of olive oils.

You can take back any special food treats to your Wine Country vacation home after you treat yourself to the idyllic nature of the ranch. The small team offers patio table tastings, private walkabout tours, and even workshops. Reservations are required for any special events or tours. The ranch is open from Wednesday through Sunday.

Healdsburg is mesmerizing and soaked in high culture. When you visit, don’t forget to stop at some of the most nationally-acclaimed wineries in California.

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