Though it may seem this way, it isn’t all about the wine in wine country. Healdsburg has family attractions, incredible views, and some amazing things to do outside the tens of thousands of acres of vineyards and wineries.

With our list below, you can find some of the most rewarding outdoor things do in Sonoma that wine lovers and non-wine enthusiasts alike can adore. Whether it’s the riveting adventures offered by a California safari or those that take you high into the sky, Sonoma can make all wine country vacations magical.

Safari West

Safari West is a safari adventure like no other. Hidden just outside Healdsburg, this safari experience is a rural romp through 400 protected and wild acres of California. Found within the grounds are animals seemingly left to their own devices.

You can find giraffes, rhinoceroses, elephants, zebras, and more wandering the fields and lakes. Get away from the typical vineyards and escape to a completely different world of the Serengeti.

Seek out rare hoofed animals, like the antelope or the mysterious-looking aoudad. Find some peculiar-looking (and oddly-named) creatures, like the Bongo or the Egyptian Goose.

You can also spot some of the safari’s most prized and adored animals, like the curious Red-Ruffed Lemur or the elegant and rare serval (a carnivorous cat of the plains). The Safari West website details a full list of the animals found within its grounds.

You trek through the acreage in (or on top of) a rugged and well-equipped jeep. You can go on a private adventure if you would like or just walk-in and hitch a ride with a group during opening business hours.

Safari West works in close collaboration with the San Francisco Zoo. The founders, Nancy and Peter, have cultivated a safe and modern facility that protects and finds homes for a dizzying assortment of exotic species.

This is a world-class reserve, and an outdoor attraction that you absolutely can’t miss.

Up and Away Hot Air Ballooning

The vineyards stretch for hundreds of miles, and you can see all of them from the sky. Step into a hot air balloon and soar over Sonoma with Up and Away Hot Air Ballooning.

The jaw-dropping views are even more impressive 500 feet or more up in the sky. Spot some of the top natural attractions, such as the Russian River. You can even find the expansive Pacific
Ocean or the redwood trails.

If the sky is nice and clear, it may even be possible to see San Francisco as it’s just 60 miles away!

Guests will get a perfect view of Healdsburg and its surrounding vineyards. Participants meet in Healdsburg. The trip schedule runs throughout most of the day, but the two most popular trips are early in the morning and just at evening to meet the sunrise and sunset respectively.

Finally, guests can enter the café for a farm-to-table breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the time of the trip. You can get a glass of wine, champagne, or mimosa with your meal to add a nice coda to the day.

This is one of the crown jewels of Healdsburg and a trip that won’t ever be forgotten. Guests meet at 25 North Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448. Parking is free and reservations are required.

Healdsburg Ziplining

It doesn’t take a lot to imagine how unforgettable and majestic ziplining in Healdsburg must be. With Healdsburg Canopy Tours, you can soar between the redwoods that stand 300 feet or more.

Immerse yourself in the thick foliage and rappel over deep ravines. The tour includes various zip lines from one tree to another, a walk across a sky bridge, a trip up a spiral staircase in the sky, and a final and ultimate drop through the rugged redwoods to the forest floor.

There are three main tours. The Tree Tops Tour is a breathtaking romp through some of the fastest zip lines in the country. The Forest Flight Tour is a slightly more laid-back adventure, with a focus on methodical and manual ziplining. The Night Flight Tour is an ethereal trip, with a focus on exploration under the evening stars.

This tour provider is located about 30 to 40 minutes from Healdsburg. Reserve your spot today and appreciate an outdoor adventure right in the wild redwood forests of Sonoma. You can gain a special and refreshing new appreciation for how truly epic yet intimate nature can be.

There are even more outdoor activities and things to do in Healdsburg. Stay at one of our properties while you fall in love with every little aspect of the region.