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Those of us who live in Sonoma County, California rarely take our geography for granted. The climate is pretty sweet, with lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, and short winters. We don’t have to endure long, humid summers, and we don’t have to shovel snow.

It’s not always perfect, though, and it’s not always nice. Sonoma County enjoys four seasons and, instead of separating out winter from fall from spring, we tend to look at things a bit more regionally. Harvest season, for example, and tourist season. 

If you’re new to this area, we have some tips on managing the seasonal shifts in your new neighborhood. 

Fire Season in Sonoma CountyWildfire Risk

Fire season is real, and it’s always a threat, especially when things are dry.

The months between June and November are typically the driest months in California, and this is where we’re most at risk for wildfires. You don’t have to live here to know that things have become more dangerous over the last few years. 

The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection puts out a number of excellent resources in terms of how to prepare yourself and your property for fire. You can also download an app to track fire danger in your area. Pay attention to any alerts you get from local government agencies. Keep up with active fire events, and if you’re ultimately asked to evacuate, do it quickly.

Sonoma County and Summer Tourism

Summer is a delicious time to be a Sonoma County resident. Fresh fruits and vegetables are showing up in all your favorite farmers markets, and the new clusters of grapes around the area’s many wineries are looking picture-perfect. 

It’s also a busy time for tourism. Keep this in mind when you’re planning recreational outings or trying to get into your favorite restaurant. Travelers are coming and going in higher volumes during June, July, and August. There are some great festivals, outdoor music events, and other entertainment options throughout the area. Just be prepared to share your favorite spots with the tourists. Sonoma County takes in 10 million visitors every year.

Harvest Season!

Pick Wine GrapesIt’s hard not to love harvest season, which starts in September and goes through mid-November. In our opinion, this is the best time of year. Wine grapes are being picked and pressed, and it’s an outstanding time to do tastings and tours of all of the area’s best wineries

This is also the time that you want to go out and try your favorite farm-to-table restaurants. Menus shift to accommodate the autumn vegetables that are coming in fresh, and you’ll want to get outside as much as possible to enjoy walks, hikes, bike rides, and anything else that involves nature and nurturing. 

Find a good schedule of events for Sonoma County and check in on what’s happening frequently. 

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