How to Apply for a Rental to Get the Best Light

Tenants applying for a rental property are sometimes understandably stressed out by the process. There’s always competition for the best properties, and they wonder if they’re going to get the home they want. They also know that landlords will be digging up financial information, contacting employment and landlord references, and evaluating the amount of debt that’s on their credit report. All of this can all induce anxiety.

To make the application process less difficult, make sure you’re willing to communicate openly and honestly with the landlord or property manager who is accepting your application. Ask questions about rental criteria and make sure you understand the rental standards that in place so you don’t waste your time and application fees apply for homes that you likely won’t get.

At Healdsburg Property Management, we work with tenants throughout the process. Today, we have some additional tips on ensuring your application is favorably considered.

Provide All the Information Requested

It’s never a good idea to leave out important information. Applications that have blank spots or incomplete answers will usually be discarded or passed over. Answer everything, even if it’s complicated. You will always have a chance to make further explanations. Make sure you proofread it and make sure that everything is accurate. When phone numbers for former landlords don’t work or you sister ends up picking up the phone when we think we’re calling your employer – red flags are raised. Provide all the information and make sure it’s accurate. Be sure to sign where indicated.

Gaps in Housing or Employment History

Most landlords and property managers like to see a stable history of employment and a verifiable rental history. Be prepared to explain any gaps. If you went to school for two years and didn’t work, make sure you include that in the application. If you lived with family members for a year after an ugly divorce, be forthcoming with that information so your landlord understands that you aren’t trying to hide something.

Rental Applications are Like Job Applications

We always suggest that tenants treat the rental application like a job application. You want to make yourself look good, but you also want to make sure that everything is accurate and documented. Be professional. Be willing to answer questions and make explanations. Take the time to do a good job and provide all the necessary information.

Be Upfront with Credit Situations

We know that not everyone is going to have perfect credit. The economy has been up and down over the last 10 years, and we know there’s a lot of medical debt and student loan debt that is dragging down credit scores. If you have a lot of unpaid debt or you’ve recently declared bankruptcy, you’ll need to explain the situation and discuss what led you to those financial problems. Make sure you can demonstrate that you’re making a fresh start and you’re acting responsibly with credit and money now. Landlords will not want to see recent evictions or outstanding housing-related debts.

Applying for a propertyWe would love to help you put your best foot forward when applying for a property. Contact us at Healdsburg Property Management today.